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Mosquitoes; Much More than Just the Most Annoying Insects

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes blossoming flowers, warmer temperatures and longer days. Spring is the perfect time to get back in the habit of back yard barbecues, baseball games and leisurely walks with the dog. Unfortunately, spring is also a time when mosquitoes slowly begin to come out in force and cause a great deal of annoyance to anyone they come into contact with. Mosquitoes flourish in the springtime due to the rain fall that provides endless areas of standing water. Mosquitoes thrive on standing water as it creates an environment that mosquitoes can easily survive and breed. Rest Easy Pest Control will stop mosquitoes before they even get a chance to annoy you. Contact us to solve all your Manhattan NY pest problems!

Mosquitoes are Considered the Most Dangerous Creature on the Planet!

Without question, the mosquito is the most dangerous creature on the planet. For some this may be difficult to believe, especially when considering such creatures like bears, sharks and crocodiles. However, when one considers that mosquitoes are responsible for killing more people than all the wars in history by spreading diseases directly to humans, then the statement becomes much more believable. Mosquitoes that transmit malaria kill two to three million people and infect an additional two hundred million or more every single year! Tens of millions of other people are killed and debilitated by a plethora of other mosquito borne diseases like yellow fever and encephalitis. Rest Easy Pest Control will keep mosquitoes away from your home and protect you and your family from these harmful and fatal diseases mosquitoes transmit.

Outbreak of Zika Virus Makes the Presence of Mosquitoes Much More Dangerous

The Zika virus is a very dangerous disease that is transmitted directly to humans from the bite of a mosquito. There is a link between the Zika virus and neurologic conditions in infected adults, including cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Zika fever in pregnant women can cause abnormal brain development in their fetuses by mother to child transmission. This can result in miscarriage or microcephaly. The Zika virus is transmitted by daytime active mosquitoes of a handful of different mosquito species. As of now, the Zika virus is most prominent in central and south America. Many fear that the Zika virus will begin to spread and become more prominent in the Northern Untied States.

Contact Rest Easy Pest Control today in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn as well as Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York to keep mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases they transmit away from your home and your family.