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pest-control-battleWhether you’re a homeowner or renter, a simple fact of life can also be one of the more annoying aspects: pest control. It seems that as soon as you finish fortifying your home against one type of pest, another one rears its ugly (and often creepy) head, trying to get inside your lovely residence.



Pest control is a constant battle, but perhaps you’re wondering why. After all, you’ve done everything that’s been asked of you. Why can’t the pests take the hint and simply stay away from you and your loved ones? To answer that, let’s take a look at a few reasons as to why this becomes a lifelong fight:


Reason #1: You have the food. They need the food.


This is, by far, the biggest reason why you’ll never be able to stop dealing with pests. All animals need to feed, and this goes for every rodent, insect, and arachnid that will stop at nothing from getting into your home. These critters must eat, and their sense of smell can often tell them that you have food. All they have to do is squeeze, crawl, or chew their way inside in order to eat. Whether you’re talking about a single rat or a thousand ants, the food in your home can attract pests on a daily basis.


Reason #2: It can get uncomfortable outside.


This is something you need to worry about even during the winter months. Although some pests, such as cockroaches, can weather nearly any storm it comes across, other pests are not so lucky. Bed bugs, for example, do not like the cold. Since they can go for nearly a year without feeding (on your blood, no less!), these parasites find the interior of your walls and furniture the perfect place to temporarily call home. But even if it isn’t winter, once some of these creatures find out how great the inside of your home feels, they’ll want to call it their own.


Reason #3: Some pests multiply like it’s going out of style.


All of these pests are different from human beings. They don’t simply have one baby at a time. Even rodents will have a sizable litter. When it comes to insects and arachnids, they easily put Octomom to shame, without even trying. These critters often have litters numbering in the hundreds. This results in a two-fold effect on pest control. First, with more mouths to feed, pests will become even more resilient about getting inside your house to find food and shelter. Second, it is common for egg sacks to be protected from certain forms of pest control, which means you must be more resilient if you hope to avoid an infestation.



Photo Credit: via Flickr