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pest-control-pro-4The Do-It-Yourself philosophy is alive and well. There’s even a cable network devoted exclusively to DIY projects.



But, in most cases, pest control is not the place for DIY. It’s one thing to use store-bought chemicals to treat pests in your yard, but when it comes to protecting your home, it’s almost always a good idea to turn to professionals. There are several key reasons why this is so. Pest control specialists have:
The knowledge of pests to adequately locate them  Pest control specialists have been trained on each pest’s behavior, so they know where they like to nest, which is often as far away from human eyes as possible. They also know exactly what signs to look for and what they mean. The appropriate tools for location Finding pests often requires specialized equipment that most people don’t have on hand. The experience and training to know which pesticides and other treatment techniques actually work to permanently remove pests—and to know how to properly use them. Using pesticides without familiarity with them often leads to not only ineffective treatment, but also potentially hazardous use of the pesticides.


Access to stronger pesticides than are sold to the general public. Because amateurs are likely to misuse pesticides, the products on the market are limited in their power.
Hiring pest control specialists also has an advantage that appeals to many people (albeit probably not to DIY fanatics)—treating pests is unpleasant work and so hiring a pest control specialist relieves you of the task.


Finally, there’s the matter of preventing the problem from recurring in the future. A quality pest control specialist will educate you on steps you can proactively take to counter infestations. But the only way to be sure that pests won’t return (and not just the ones you initially had a problem with, but any pest) is to schedule regular preventative treatments from a pest control specialist.




Doing it yourself is an admirable sentiment, but when it comes to keeping your home pest-free, it’s best not to attempt to duplicate the expertise of professionals. Pests can spread disease, cause property damage, and severely strain people mentally. You shouldn’t take any chances of improperly treating the problem because you don’t have the knowledge or tools to adequately address the problem.


Photo Credit: Cockroach by cerulea