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Yellow Pages OnlineThere are four principal reasons you should include pest control services as part of the cost of doing business.



1. Your Reputation


Most businesses have areas that are frequented by prospective customers and other visitors.
In some industries—such as hospitality and retail—these areas are a primary aspect of a business. Needless to say, if guests at a hotel or in restaurant see evidence of pest infestation, the business has a serious image problem. “That hotel has bed bugs” or “that restaurant has mice” are business-killing comments.


But even if your facility is not customer-focused, pests can damage your reputation. If prospective customer or other visitors see evidence of pests in your reception area, meeting rooms, or bathrooms, they will—consciously or unconsciously—equate that sign of neglect with your company.


2. Employee Morale


If your facility is infested, your employees will know it, and they won’t be happy. If you use pest control services, they will know you are doing your best to control the problem. But if you ignore the situation, employees will hold it against the company every time they come to work to find wasps buzzing around the front door, ants crawling in the hallway, spiders in the corners of their offices, their snacks chewed up, etc.


Not only are pests distracting and discomfiting, employees—like visitors—will consider it a sign of slackness if the company doesn’t address the issue.


3. Protection of Employee Health


Pests are more than just a morale issue, however. Left untreated, pests can cause serious health issues for employees—along with the corresponding productivity, healthcare-cost, and legal implications.


4. Prevention of Structural Damage


Pests can destroy wood, chew through wiring, undermine a foundation, and cause other damage to a building. Using pest control services can prevent a pest problem from every reaching the point that it causes serious and expensive complications such as these.




Routine pest control services keep a business facility presentable to visitors, pleasant and safe for employees, and secure from physical damage.