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pest-control-services-12All types of businesses require call for pest control services, but the following seven types of businesses put in the most requests. For them, pest control is an ongoing top priority, and they wisely invest in regularly scheduled, frequent inspections and prevention treatments.



1. Restaurants


Pests in a restaurant will lead to low sanitation grades and customers who are afraid to eat there, so regular pest control services are critical. Making the job more difficult is the nature of the industry—there’s a lot of food around! Without pest control services, infestation by some type of pest—and probably multiple pests—is almost a certainty.


2. Hotels


Nothing will turn off a hotel guest faster than pests. If a hotel gets a reputation for having pests, it’s a business killer.


Bed bugs are particularly worrisome. In the past 15 years, the bed bug population has exploded, and by their nature hotel rooms are particularly conducive to transmitting bed bugs. Many hotels face lawsuits from guests who claim they got bed bugs while at the hotel. Proactive pest control that can be documented is necessary for hotels to protect themselves.


3. Property Managers


Whether it’s apartment complexes, malls, or office buildings, a key part of the service property management firms provide is consistent pest control services.


4. Schools


Like hotels, schools face lawsuits for pest-related problems that may have begun at the school. Schools have a responsibility to keep their students free from pests.


5. Personal storage units


No one will rent out a storage unit if it’s infested with bugs or rodents.


6. Grocery Stores


This is another type of business where there’s an abundance of food—and where pests can cause an extreme amount of damage to inventory and reputation. It’s essential for grocery chains to keep their stores—and their distribution warehouses—free from pests.


7. Small Businesses


Many small businesses own the properties they use for their business. Just as with a home, these facilities must be protected from pests to prevent property damage from termites, carpenter ants, and rodents. And small-business owners naturally want to work in a pest-free environment.

Photo Credit: Phone by Justin Brocki