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controlling-household-bugs-research-booksResearch accounts for many things that are worthwhile in our world, whether it’s the latest and greatest video system or treatments for harmful diseases. Some of this research results in technology that can fit in the palm of your hand, while others can help countries that are less fortunate than us.



Another area where research is important is in the treatment of household bugs. Insects are a pain in the neck for many households. Certain types damage our homes while others carry disease that can be transmitted to both humans and pets. The importance of new research cannot be overemphasized.


Let’s take a look at how a few household bugs will be controlled by the use of new research.


Bed Bugs


These parasites are always bad news. Once you get them, they can be extremely hard to get rid of. Current techniques to eradicate an infestation of other insects, between spraying and bug bombs, are not very effective. New research into bed bugs, however, gives us hope for the future. This research is being spearheaded by an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Cincinnati named Regina Baucom, who has believes she has identified certain bacteria present in most bed bugs. Researchers believe that targeting these bacteria will allow bed bugs to be eradicated more quickly and effectively than before.




These pests are both annoying and disgusting. Every time they land on your skin, food, or anywhere else, they leave behind potentially harmful bacteria. New research has led to the development and use of insect light traps that attract, capture, and eliminate flies in great numbers. Unlike traditional “bug zappers,” these new types of traps do not allow for the dispersal of contaminated body parts into the air whenever a fly is eradicated. These light traps can be placed in discreet locations and have so far proved to be extremely helpful, especially in areas where fly populations are heavy.




Of all household bugs that homeowners want to keep out of their homes, cockroaches are typically the first that come to mind. They can spread disease throughout your home and reproduce like crazy, making them hard to control once they get out of hand. The good news is that new research in the past several years have allowed some breakthroughs to help control their populations. Most of this research has concentrated on the use of traps and repellents. The traps utilize advanced pheromone techniques to target certain cockroaches so that they can be lured in and eliminated. As for repellents, there are new types such as dust repellents that can keep cockroaches out of cracks and crevices when applied to small areas where they’ve likely to hide.



Photo Credit:  Hash Milhan via Flickr