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rat-infestations-spray-optionsRat infestations can be quite a burden on the average homeowner. Though people seem to be more concerned with mice, since they’re smaller and can easily get inside your home, larger rodents can present a problem as well..



In a lot of ways, rats can cause the same kind of damage as their smaller counterparts. They can contaminate your food, chew through your cabinets, and even create a fire hazard by gnawing on your electrical cords and wires. And, of course, let’s not forget that rats can be carriers of a number of harmful diseases.


Because of this, it’s important that you get rid of these rats as soon as you know there’s a problem. Some homeowners often ask if there is any way to spray for rats (or even other rodents), which we’ll explore below.


Poison applications


Poisons are commonly used to kill a number of pests, whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, ants, or yes, even rats. Rat poison has been around for almost as long as mankind has had to deal with the pesky rodents, and in many ways, it’s quite effective when it comes to rat infestations. However, there aren’t any spray poisons that have proven helpful, so it’s best to stick with the powdered kind.


Of course, the problem with using these types of poisons is that the powerful ones that are deadly to the rats can also be harmful to children and pets, and even some adults, especially those who are older. Plus, a rat will very often take the bait, only to scurry off and go inside a wall somewhere. After a while, these rats die, which can smell for days. So, if you decide to use poisons to help get rid of rat infestations, be sure to exercise caution.


The most effective methods


If you’re hesitant about the use of poisons, there are a number of other products on the market that are intended to deal with rat infestations. Some homeowners have found success with pheromones, but these typically have a strong odor that you simply won’t want to deal with. Since using any kind of spray is out of the question, the best way to get rid of your rat problem is rat traps. The type of trap you use depends on whether you want to kill them, or if you’d prefer to capture the critters and release them into the wild. There are also spring-loaded rat traps on the market, but you would want to be careful with these if you have curious children or pets. These traps are very powerful due to the size of rats, and can cause pain and injury if tripped by something other than a rodent.



Photo Credit:  jo-h via Flickr