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mouse-infestation-hand-ceilingIt’s happened again. You’re sitting in your living room enjoying a movie with your family. Or perhaps you’re at the dinner table chowing down on your favorite meal. Above you, there’s a scratching noise. You stop whatever you’re doing and listen closely, and the noise becomes almost deafening now that you’re focused on it.
That’s right … you have mice in your ceiling.


Not only do these rodents often contaminate your food and sometimes make a lot of noise, they carry a variety of diseases and can chew through wiring to create a fire hazard. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get rid of mice infestations in your ceiling.


Technique #1: The old-fashioned, spring-loaded mousetrap.


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the oldies. For years, people have been staving off mice infestations by using spring-loaded traps. While some don’t find this to be a humane way to get rid of mice, it does work well. All it takes is setting up a number of traps in your basement, garage, kitchen, etc. Plus, since the noises are coming from your ceiling, stick some traps in your attic, if you have one.


Technique #2: The new-fashioned, humane mousetrap.


For those who want to catch the critters rather than kill them, you’re in luck! Several manufacturers have created humane traps that utilize a bait/trap system for that precise reason. If you decide to go this route, there are two things you must remember. First, you are going to need a place to deposit the captured mice. And second, if you have a full infestation on your hands, it could take quite a long time (or quite a few traps) to get rid of all of them.


Technique: #3: The tried-and-true poisons.


Keep in mind that this is another somewhat inhumane way to disposing of mice. However, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t an effective technique. There are a number of poisons on the market, and they typically act quickly to lessen the severity of suffering. The application differs, depending on the type of poison. Plus, the chemicals won’t only affect mice in your home. If you have pets or children, and believe they could be exposed to the poison, it might be best to go another route.


Technique #4: The professional pest control company.


Mice infestations can quickly get out of hand. A few mice is one thing. But dozens or more can present a big problem that many homeowners don’t want to deal with. Plus, the time involved in a big infestation can allow more chance of food contamination and disease. There’s no shame in calling professionals if the mice in your house is too much for you to handle.



Photo Credit: angeladellatorre via Flickr