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mice-infestation-trapMice infestations can be devastating. They cause damage to your house. They contaminate your food. They carry diseases. They chew through wiring. They eat through wood.



There are many ways to get rid of mice, some more traditional than others. If you’ve tried poisons and set traditional mousetraps, but to little or no avail, it might be time to try something a little more unorthodox: the perfect mousetrap. Does such a thing exist? Well, maybe not perfect, but here are some great contenders:


The paper towel trap


Here’s one that’s quite genius in its simplicity. All you need is the cardboard insert from a roll of paper towels, a trash can, and bait. First, you stick the bait at one end of the cardboard roll, so that the mouse will be drawn to it. Next, hang approximately 40% of it off a counter. Finally, set the trash can below. A mouse will be attracted to the bait and crawl through the cardboard tube. Once it reaches the edge, the roll will teeter off the counter, and the mouse will fall into the trash can for easy disposal.


Shock therapy


What better way to stop mice infestations than by using a trap that does all the work for you? Like most traps, all you have to do is set bait inside the unit and patiently wait. When a mouse enters, he or she is trapped inside and will be unable to escape. At the same time, an electrical current will shock the creature for a few seconds, long enough to exterminate it. Your only job at that point is to dispose of the carcass. The great news is that you can kill up to 100 mice per set of four AA batteries, which could mean that mice infestations are a thing of the past. If perfect means you do little work and reap the benefits, this might very well be a strong contender for “perfect mousetrap.”


Bucket trap


Similar to the paper towel trap. You’ll need a large bucket, piece of wood to use as a ramp, and some strong smelling bait. Mixing peanut butter and bacon together works well. All you have to do is set the ramp at an angle over the bucket so that the end of it is over the middle of the bucket. Place the bait just out of reach of the mice, and when one comes to investigate, its curious manner will cause them to fall as they stretch for the food, and into the bucket they go. If you want to capture them, that’s all you need. If your intent is to kill the rodents, add some water to the bottom of the bucket.



Photo Credit: mousetrap