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stink-bugsTrue to their name, stink bugs small awful. That’s how these small, shield-shaped bugs defend themselves— their glands release a repelling odor that chases off would-be predators.



If you have stink bugs in your home, you know that terrible smell all too well. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of stink bugs and prevent them from coming back. (An additional benefit is that these ways to get rid of stink bugs will also weatherize your home, saving you money on energy costs.)

  • If windows or doors (including storm doors and screen doors) don’t properly seal, use weather-striping, caulking, tape, or other method of closing up openings.
  • Repair or replace all screens with holes or tears in them. Also make sure all screens fit tight and don’t have openings around the edges.
  • Check your home’s exterior to make sure there are no openings for stink bugs. Stink bugs can get inside through tiny cracks, crevices, and holes. Pay close attention to areas where doors, windows, chimneys, pipes, vents, A/C units, electrical outlets, etc. are cut into the exterior. If you see an opening large enough for a stink bug to fit through, seal it up.
  • Vacuum up stink bugs that have amassed inside. This is easy to do, but stink bugs can leave a smell inside your vacuum’s machinery. It’s best to use a cheap (possibly handheld) vacuum that you use only for stink bugs. Immediately dispose of the vacuum bag in a thick plastic trash bag and remove it far from your home.
  • Use water mixed with dish soap to kill individual stink bugs. Without crushing them, gather stink bugs and place them in a jar or glass filled with the soapy water. This soon kills them without releasing their horrible smell.
  • Call a professional pest-control specialist if the problem persists. If you try these ways to get rid of stink bugs but they’re still bothering you, you can try store-bought pesticides for your home’s exterior. However, they frequently don’t work and often require recurring applications. It usually saves time and money to call a pro.


Photo Credit: Stink Bugs by DeusXFlorida