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insect-control-services-carpenter-antsAs we get deeper into the fall season, many homeowners find themselves on the receiving end of a home invasion. This time of year, there are a number of insects to be on the lookout for. If you’re not careful, your house could be overrun in no time. If certain bugs become too much of a problem, you might be in need of insect control services.



We could sit here all day and list the pests you might encounter during the fall season. But our intent today is to focus on two such critters, and why you may require insect control services to get rid of the problem.


Stink bugs can stink up your home


Stink bugs are interesting creatures. They don’t sting or bite. They don’t carry diseases. And they don’t usually cause much damage to your home. What they do, however, is smell. Thanks to glands inside a stink bug, if you squish one or even get too close and frighten it, you’ll be met with a pretty rancid odor.


These little stinkers will try to get inside your home through any crack or gap they can find. They want inside so badly because they’re anticipating winter. These little guys don’t like the cold, and they’re hoping to find a place to hide and wait out the chilly winter months. Although these bugs can be annoyances more than anything else, you definitely don’t want them in your home. If you notice more than one or two, it’s definitely time to enlist the help of insect control services, who can find where the stink bugs are hiding and take care of them.


Carpenter ants don’t build; they destroy


There are a number of ants that might get into your home at any given time. They come inside seeking nourishment and your home is rife with it. Carpenter ants, however, will go inside your house for one other reason: wood. They don’t eat wood for sustenance, like the nasty termite. Instead, carpenter ants will chew through the wood in your home in order to build a nest for its young.


Home remedies are typically effective in getting rid of all types of ants, and the carpenter variety is no different. However, this isn’t just a trail of ants leading into your kitchen and up the side of the trash can. Rather, it is an insect that can, technically, damage or destroy your home. While it is true that damage takes quite a while to occur, giving carpenter ants a chance to do harm to your beautiful home isn’t a good plan. Instead, call upon insect control services to help you out. These professionals are well-versed in taking care of carpenter ants.


Photo Credit: The carpenter ant challenge