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bed-bug-dog-banner-imageFor millions of people every year, summer is a time for travel. Whether it’s across the state or across the country, scores of Americans pack their bags and head out to their favorite hotspots. Some may take a road trip and see sights along the way, while others are all about the destination and opt for a quick flight on a commercial airliner.


Regardless of how you travel or where you go this summer, bed bugs problems can occur at any time and often where you may least expect them. Today, we’ll take a look at a few areas associated with trips where you might happen to find bed bugs this summer.




This is the most disturbing place to find bed bugs, because this is obviously where you sleep. Not to mention that bed bugs are notorious for using beds as a hiding spot, hence their name. Any hotel worth its weight in sheets will have pest control performed periodically, but given the nature of the business, it’s possible that some might be missed. This is why you should check the room’s bed and other furniture, if you believe there may be a problem.




Bed bugs are known to hitch rides to move from one place to another. Luggage provides them the perfect opportunity to spread their numbers to other locations. A suitcase or overnight bag is a great hiding spot with lots of small areas they can squeeze into. Before leaving your hotel or relative’s home where you’re staying, remove all of a bag’s contents, inspect both the bag and the contents, and — once you know they’re clear — put everything back. This will greatly reduce the possibility of bed bugs problems during your trip.




Airports aren’t too well known for having bed bugs problems. But when trying to protect yourself from these nasty parasites, you can’t be too careful. After all, an  airport will often see thousands upon thousands of travelers every day. Although much of the luggage accompanying these travelers are dealt with through the baggage claim area only, carry-ons are quite common. And if the critters get out of one bag, it’s very easy for them to hang around the airport for a while before finding their way into yours.


Rental car


Whether you’re on a business trip, flying to a far-off destination, or taking a road trip across this great country of ours, you might find yourself renting a car. Although these cars are taken care of and cleaned quite often, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely safe. Bed bugs can make their way beneath the seats or into other small areas. Make sure you check the car before heading off down the road.