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stink-bugs-fall-leavesEven though stink bugs don’t bite or sting, they can still be a huge nuisance for many homeowners. You’ve probably noticed they weren’t around too much during the summer, but now that fall has arrived, so have the stench of stink bugs. The question many people have is, why are stink bugs so common in the fall? Well, if you’re looking for stink bugs info, you’ve come to the right place.



Stink Bugs Info: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall


The simple truth is that stink bugs don’t like the heat. They’re not too fond of colder weather either, but once the heat arrives, the stink bugs pack up their bags and hit the road. Once the hot summer winds down and turns into fall, the smelly little critters come out of hiding to wreak havoc. Which means it’s time for you to start watching out for them.


Stink Bugs Info: Hiding From the Upcoming Winter


As mentioned before, stink bugs also don’t like cold weather. This is another reason why you start seeing them in the fall. They can sense that the winter months will arrive soon, so they need to find protection against the colder weather. Trying to find protection is a big reason why so many of the stink bugs will attempt to make their way into your home.


Luckily, you won’t have to worry about stink bugs reproducing in your home. When they sneak in through the cracks and crevices, or even through open doors, they are not looking for a place to reproduce or lay their eggs. Instead, they are simply trying to find a safe place to take up residence so that once the cold hits, they will be protected. They will often try to make their way into your house’s walls where they know it will be safe.


Stink Bugs Info: Plants are Not Safe in the Fall


The big problem caused by stink bugs is the effect they have on crops every year. Stink bugs love to feast on vegetation, and because of their propensity to reproduce at such an amazing rate, it doesn’t take long before considerable damage has been done.

Your home garden and indoor plants are also in danger. Although stink bugs have plenty of public trees and leaves to feed on, they are not picky eaters. If they find their way close to your home, they won’t discriminate against your personal vegetation. They especially seem to like tomato plants, so if you have any of those in your garden, you’ll want to take special care to keep them safe. Inside your home, you should look for the telltale signs of indoor plants having been chewed on by the little pests.


Photo Credit: Falling Leaves