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stink-bugs-in-home-houseYou can probably figure out by the name why you don’t want stink bugs in your home. They are the skunks of the bug world, and if they infest your home, you’ll be looking for stink bug solutions sooner rather than later.



They really do stink.


When Did Stink Bugs Become a Problem? Stink bugs are a relatively recent problem in the U.S. They’re from Asia, but they were apparently transferred here about 15 years ago in packing crates. Since then they have spread to the majority of states.


Why Do Stink Bugs Enter Homes? When the weather begins to cool in the fall, stink bugs will make their way indoors through any openings they can find. They try to hibernate for the winter, but the warmth in homes often rouses them.


How Do I Tell if I Have Stink Bugs in my Home? The smell should give it away. It’s been described as “rotten cilantro.” Stink bugs only release this smell if they feel threatened, but if you have an infestation of large numbers, there will inevitably be stink bugs that get upset, and they will release their odor. It won’t be a one-time occurrence.


If you’re looking for visual evidence, adult stink bugs look like beetles—about two-thirds of an inch long and about as wide, in the shape of a shield. They come in several colors, although brown is most typical. You might see them flying around lights. You’ll know you’re dealing with a stink bug if you see it raise its rear to secrete its smell. If you see that, you’ll want to go someone else fast!


Why Are Stink Bugs in a Home a Problem? Bed bugs don’t feed on humans or pets, and they aren’t a threat to cause structural damage like termites or carpenter ants—so they’re not really threatening. But the smell can become a real nuisance.


What Are the Stink Bug Solutions? The best stink bug solutions for a home involve closing up all entry points. Check around windows, doors, vents, and other openings in the home’s exterior and seal any places where stink bugs could get in. There are also products you can use on the exterior of your home to repel stink bugs.


If they’re already in your home is to spray them with an insect repellant—a much better alternative than vacuuming them up or simply crushing them, which will likely release their odor. Of course, you can also call an exterminator, who will deal with the problem so you don’t have to.


Photo Credit: Home by Alan Light