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stink-bug-solutionsWhen it comes to pests invading their homes, most people think along the lines of ants, cockroaches, and rodents. Many don’t consider an infestation of stink bugs to be a real concern. Until it actually happens, that is. Which is exactly why you should be thinking of stink bug solutions in order to protect your home.



Harmless to Humans?


Stink bugs are an unusual insect due to the fact that they are not directly harmful to humans. Unlike pests such as bed bugs and ants, stink bugs will not bite or sting you. They simply live out their days searching for food and trying to survive. In fact, the only problem that most people consider about stink bugs is their rancid odor, which can be released if you touch them, frighten them, or — sometimes — even get near them. However, homeowners who have a garden or indoor plants do need to be concerned about stink bugs, because they are known to destroy entire crops, which means your vegetation won’t stand a chance.


Stink Bug Solutions for Your Home


Whether you’re trying to protect your home from a stink bug infestation because you have a garden or indoor plants that you don’t want to see harmed, or you simply don’t want to worry about the potential odor, here are some stink bug solutions to help protect your home against them:

  • Get rid of plants — This might seem like you’re giving up before you even get started. But while this won’t completely stop stink bugs from entering your home, plants are a source of food for the little nuisances. No plants = less stink bugs. As for outside, keep in mind that stink bugs love tomatoes, so if you have some of those planted, you’ll need to be especially watchful.
  • Seal up cracks and gaps — Stink bugs are small, but they’re not microscopic. Most of them get into your house through cracks or gaps in your doors, windows, etc. If you seal up as many of these as you can, you’ll keep quite a few stink bugs out of your home.
  • Use a pesticide — A weekly application of a pesticide around the perimeter of your house is a good idea. Try to use a non-toxic variety, especially if you have pets or children. You don’t want to make them sick.
  • Vacuum them up — If you find that a large number of stink bugs have already invaded your home, use a vacuum to get them cleaned up quickly. Just keep in mind that being sucked up into a vacuum will automatically cause them to spew their odor, which will make your vacuum smell. Because of this, try to use a shop vac whenever possible.



Photo Credit: Stink Bug