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Many people consider squirrels to be relatively cute, but no one wants to see one scampering across their kitchen floor. Yet such has been the fate of many Westchester residents this summer. This is what recently happened to one New Rochelle man named Alprentice McClutchen: “I come through the doorway and this squirrel is moving from countertop to countertop dropping apples on the floor. I’m just watching him contaminate my counters.”

New Rochelle squirrels have become bolder than usual, chewing through screen doors and behind gutters to get to the food and shelter behind them. This is a particularly bad time of year for squirrel infestation: the middle of the summer is a time when baby squirrels leave the protection of their parents and venture off on their own. Bats, too, have been a problem around New York City, and for the same reason—young bats are just starting to learn how to fly. Austin Jahner of TriState Wildlife says that he’s regularly been getting two to three calls per night.

When the weather gets cold in late fall, squirrels will make an even bigger effort to get in. And bats can fit through spaces that may initially seem far to small for their bodies—“If you can fit your pinky into it a bat can get into it,” Jahner explained. You really don’t want bats in your home. Not only could they potentially mate and multiply, but it’s common for bats to have rabies. Furthermore, bats have a ton of potentially harmful bacteria in their feces. (They’re not terribly pleasant creatures.) So be sure to seal off your home as completely as possible, and make sure your screens are sturdy and the mesh is strong.

But if you’re being bothered by squirrels or any other type of pest, give us a call so you can rest easy.


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