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No single pest should trigger a quicker “mayday” reflex upon being found than termites. They don’t spread disease, they aren’t aggressive, they don’t bite, and they don’t remotely care about humans in their vicinity. What they do care about are 1) breeding and 2) eating. That’s it. The problem is, they breed all the time, and their favorite food might be located inside the bones of your home.

As you know, termites eat wood. That’s not quite right, though: termites DEVOUR wood, and if they do it in your house, you are in for a world of pain. That home you’ve invested good money and years in can be slowly decimated from within, and you’ll have no idea the termites are even there until it’s far too late.

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In New York, we have to worry about Eastern Subterranean Termites. Here are some facts on these impressive, destructive creatures:

  • Queen termites are egg-laying machines. They can live more than 25 years and produce as many as 10,000 offspring every year.
  • There are very clearly defined castes in termite society, at the head of which sit a king and queen who are tended to by their underlings.
  • Termites and ants have been waging war on one another for about 250 million years, to the point where soldier termites have large head appendages adapted to the constant struggle.
  • Their favorite types of wood are the ones most commonly used to build houses.

It’s that last fact that makes them such a nuisance to humans. Though they couldn’t care less about our presence nearby, far more concerned with any ants in the vicinity, they destroy our property methodically over a number of years and cause massive amounts of damage.

So then, what’s the single most important thing you can do if and when you find out you’ve got a problem with termites in your home?


Don’t do anything to them directly. If threatened, they will leave the area in which you found them and take over some place new where you cannot follow, spreading damage in the meantime. Make a note of where you think the colony is located and call the professionals at Rest Easy Pest Control as soon as possible.

Honestly: there’s nothing you can do. Let us handle it for you.