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household-bugs-cleaningNot only are household bugs an unsightly, aka “icky,” nuisance, some can damage your home.  Whether you’re talking about cockroaches, ants, gnats, flies, or a number of other similar household bugs, it is important that you keep a clean and tidy house in order to lessen their impact.


Here are some simple cleaning tips to decrease the number of household bugs that may find their way inside your home:



Clean up food immediately. — We’ve all done it.  We finish a meal and instead of throwing it away, we set it on the kitchen counter.  After all, that football game or family drama isn’t going to watch itself.  The problem is that bugs can sense the food, even if they’re outside.  Sure, it takes a while, but if you head to bed without cleaning up, you might just wake up in the morning to find a trail of ants carrying off your leftovers.


Take out the trash, as needed. — This is especially true if you live in a small household where a trash can doesn’t fill up every day.  By leaving food in the garbage can for days at a time, you will attract a number of bugs into your kitchen.  To avoid this, either use a garbage disposal or take out the trash on a regular basis, especially if you end up throwing away something that will quickly begin to decay.


Utilize the correct containers. — This isn’t a cleaning tip, per se, but it goes hand-in-hand with what you’re trying to accomplish. Food that is in your cupboard or pantry can attract a sizable number of household bugs.  To  prevent this, invest in plastic containers that seal in the smell.  Not only will this lessen the amount of insects in your home, but if they do get in, your food will be protected.  It’s a win-win.  Except for the bugs, of course.


Be aware of foods that are subjected to open air. — By this, we mean to be watchful of foods that are exposed, especially those with a strong odor or sweet smell.  For example, if you get honey, jam, peanut butter, or any similar substance on the outside of its container, wipe it off immediately.  And for fruits and vegetables, which notoriously act as an insect attractant, be sure you discard these immediately, especially if they begin to turn rotten.


Remove water sources. — This goes for water both inside and outside the home.  Inside, you’ll want to make sure that your drain remains clean and clear and that leaky pipes are fixed immediately, because slow-moving water sources will attract bugs that are looking for water.  Outside, you’ll want to make sure that you clean any areas with stagnant water.


Photo Credit: Cleaning product organizer by Hey Paul Studios