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garage-rodents-3Rodent problems can be a real hassle for any homeowner. Rats, mice, squirrels, and whatever else might be lurking around outside need shelter, and they see your garage as a prime location to sleep, eat, and wreak havoc.



If they get inside, they’ll start chewing on whatever they can find, and smaller rodents will even get up into the engine of your car and turn the wiring into its own personal nest. To help keep these pests out of your garage, we’re here to offer some tips on handling these rodent problems:


Seal cracks and gaps — Rodents aren’t polite. They’re not going to wait until you open the door for them to come inside your garage. Instead, they’ll look for any cracks or gaps they can find. Obviously, the gap would need to be pretty big for a squirrel, but a mouse can squeeze its way through very small openings. To keep them out, make sure that you seal up any of these openings you can find, whether you need to board up certain areas or simply block them in some way.


Keep your house’s exterior clean — Rodents are attracted to garbage. It’s their bread and butter, so to speak. Keep this in mind when handling your trash. Be sure to seal up your garbage bags and bins as securely as possible to lessen the smell that could attract the annoying critters. Also make sure that your yard doesn’t have any debris or clutter that a rodent might want to call home, which would put it in close proximity to your garage.


Invest in a mouser — The fact that Tom can never catch Jerry is not indicative of a cat’s inherent skills at catching rodents. The biggest benefit you’ll see here will be for mice. Cats won’t do much against squirrels, except maybe scare them off, and smaller cats might be reluctant to attempt taking down a rat. With mice, however, a good mouse can be quite effective with rodent problems, often killing more than 1000 mice a year if there are that many to be found.


Tried and true traps — If you don’t want to get a cat and rodents are still getting inside your garage, try rodent traps. There are a number of them on the market, from traps that kill the rodents to ones that safely capture them. Depending on the number of rodents you’re having a problem with, you’ll need to decide what you might do with any live ones you catch, or if exterminating them might be easier to deal with. Just keep in mind that you will need to monitor the traps, likely on a daily basis, to make sure they’re doing their job.


Photo Credit: Looking Into My Garage