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residential-pest-control-winter-blogIf pests would simply stay outside and do their own thing, we wouldn’t have to worry about residential pest control. We could all live in peace, more or less. Unfortunately, pests do not have the concept of boundaries, which means you simply can’t escape the fact that they want to get inside your house by any means necessary. Let’s take a look at a few critters that you’ll want to keep an eye on as winter begins to wind down.



Bed Bugs


Didn’t we get rid of bed bugs in the early stages of the 20th century? Yes, actually, we did. Unfortunately, they are back and seem to be taking the nation by storm. Many people believe that their resurgence is due to increased international travel, but regardless of the reason, there doesn’t seem to be a nationwide elimination happening any time soon. These bugs don’t like the cold outside, and your house makes the perfect home for them. Keep an eye out for them and test your furniture by running your hand (wearing a disposable glove) in the folds to look for black spots that would indicate feces. And if you wake up with any red spots that indicate a bite, it might be time to call a residential pest control professional.




These pests might be considered house cancer. That’s how bad things can get if you have an infestation. A colony typically numbers in the tens of thousands, if not a lot more. While termites are actually slow eaters — meaning that their discovery isn’t an immediate reason to panic — the damage they can cause to your home can be quite costly, especially if they’ve been around for a few years without being noticed. Due to their colony size, residential pest control is the only way to get rid of them. Doing it yourself is usually not an option.




For the most part, mice and rats are your biggest problem in this category, though others rodents such as squirrels may also be a concern. Mice and rats are smaller (especially mice, obviously) and can easily find ways into your home through slits, cracks, gaps, open doors, etc. These creatures can carry disease, contaminate your food, leave urine and feces in their wake, and chew through wiring, which can create a fire hazard. If the problem is big, a residential pest control company can ascertain the issue and provide you with a battle plan. If the problem is a smaller one, though, you might be able to handle it yourself. Mouse and rat spring-loaded traps can work, as can baiting systems. And if your kids have been begging you to get a cat, now might be the time.



Photo Credit: Greg Walters via Flickr