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residential-pest-control-extermination-harmfulResidential pest control is often necessary to get rid of pest infestations, but is it safe? Particularly for families with children and/or pets, spraying a home with pesticides might raise some alarms.



Fortunately, while there are many pest control products that can be harmful to small children and animals, there are plenty that are family friendly. These nontoxic and low-toxic pesticides allow you to have your home treated without worrying that your children or pets (or you!) will get sick.
Avoiding highly toxic chemicals is usually better for the environment. With advances in pesticide technology, combined with a growing awareness of the need for greener and safer products, it’s now possible to get effective residential pest control without relying on potentially harmful chemicals.


Choose the Right Exterminator


Not all pest control companies are equally diligent about safety for humans and pets. So when you select a provider, make sure they follow the guidelines of the National Pest Management Association. Those rules will ensure the pest control company uses only pesticides that work and are safe—both inside and around the home.


But you’ll also want to talk with any pest control specialist you are considering hiring. Ask about the methods and chemicals they use to treat pests. Ask them specifically about the safety of children and pets. Every exterminator uses different methods and chemicals so even within the NPMA guidelines; you may discover significant differences in the pest control specialists’ approaches to safety and the environment.


The need to use potentially dangerous chemicals in a home has become largely unnecessary and is often not even offered as an option. However you still need to be careful as you agree to a pest management plan, assuring yourself that it doesn’t put any humans or pets at risk or prove to be environmentally damaging. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency—you want the pests gone! But it’s possible to have both safety and effective treatment.


Relax at Home


A nice bonus of ensuring that the pesticides used to treat your home are safe is that you will undergo minimal disruption of your life during the treatment. You won’t have to check into a hotel or stay with a friend overnight. In most cases, you won’t even have to leave home!


Conclusion Residential pest control has evolved to the point that you can have efficient and convenient treatment that’s safe for your family, but be sure to check to make sure that the pest control specialist you hire uses methods and chemicals that don’t harm humans or pets.



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