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question-mark-pest-control-nycPest control can sometimes be a somewhat confusing endeavor. Now that we’re past the winter months and have entered a new and exciting era in pest control in New York City, you probably have questions. The good news is that we have answers. So let’s take a look at a few common questions about pest control:



Pest control NYC question #1: When do you know it’s time to call a pest control specialist?


This is probably the most common question about pest control. After all, as we’ve demonstrated in the past, you can find a lot of great do-it-yourself tips online concerning the subject. You can easily locate a number of solutions concerning how to deal with a variety of rodents, insects, and arachnids. So when do you need a professional to step in? It’s very simple, actually … you will require a specialist when either the infestation is too big to handle (such as a termite colony) or when your solutions don’t seem to be working (try as you might, you can’t get rid of bed bugs).


Pest control NYC question #2:  What is the most effective insect control solution?


Although many homeowners can have problems with rodents or arachnids, insects still seem to be the most common issue. This is why it’s important to know the best solution for such a problem, whether an infestation has already begun or you only have a few of the critters skittering around. For many insects, the best solution is a baiting system. Although a single bug may cause you to reach for a quick spray of poison, you need to consider the safety of pets and small children if you’re spraying for many of them, especially inside your home. With a baiting system, insects take the poison back to their lair, thereby infecting a number of insects all at once. They’re not a miracle cure, but they are definitely effective.


Pest control NYC question #3:  Are spiders really THAT beneficial?


The initial response to seeing a spider is simple: KILL IT! After all, most people see them as creepy. But spiders get a bad rap. Despite all the information available at our fingertips, many people have no idea how beneficial these arachnids are. Not to freak you out, but on average, there are thousands of spiders per acre of land. Each of these spiders eat a lot of insects. You don’t want to imagine how overrun with insects nearly every house would be if it wasn’t for these creatures. So unless you’re dealing with a poisonous spider such as a black widow, or the number of them are simply overwhelming, it’s better to take them outside and put them in your yard.


Photo Credit: Scott McLeod via Flickr