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mosquito-elimination-10Mosquitos not only cause pain and itching, but carry disease as well.  While this is a rather rare occurrence, there’s no way to know if the mosquito buzzing around your head is carrying something more than a simple attitude. This is of more concern for children, because they typically don’t think about such things.



If your children are going to be outside during “mosquito season,” it is important that you provide them with protection from mosquito bites.  To help them avoid the pain, itching, and possibly more brought on by these pests, here are a few simple ways to protect your kids.


Pain and Itching


Although mosquitos can carry diseases, in all likelihood, all you’ll get for your trouble is a little pain and itching.  Problem is, these sensations take a while to go away and all you can do is suffer.  Or is there a solution?


First of all, don’t let your children scratch the affected area.  Not only will that fail to relieve the itching, they’ll just end up making it worse.  Instead, have them lightly slap the affected area.  This will momentarily provide some relief.  Other ways to relieve their discomfort is to apply an ice cube or, believe it or not, roll-on deodorant.  These remedies will help sooth the pain and itching.


Repelling the Blood-Suckers


There are several ways that your children can gain protection from mosquito bites.  A number of mosquito repellents can be found in your local drug store.  However, concerns have been raised in the past over using such powerful chemicals directly on your skin.


If this concerns you, and you prefer a more natural solution, there are plenty of things you can try.  Vitamin B, for example, creates an odor on your body that the mosquitos do not like.  Eating garlic has the same effect.  You might even try  scented shampoos and soaps.  Even simpler methods include wearing long sleeves and pants, avoiding free standing water, and staying near fans.  For infants, investing in a netting that goes over their stroller can work wonders.


The West Nile Concern


We certainly don’t want to downplay the diseases that a mosquito bite can cause.  Although disease is rare, there’s just no way to know for sure until a bite has occurred.  Oddly enough, mosquitos are not courteous enough to wear a sign around their neck to let you know what they are carrying.
Last year, mosquitos carrying the West Nile virus were found in the NYC area.  While this doesn’t mean we should all panic, there is a definite cause for both concern and preparation.  Protection from mosquito bites should always be on our minds, for the sake of both our children and ourselves.



Photo Credit: Mosquito