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New York is home to some pretty famous spiders; not all of them jump around in red tights either. New York actually provides an excellent environment for spiders to thrive in and grow. Whether you live within the city or out in the more rural parts of the state, spiders are all over the place and it is likely that you will come into contact with a few spider species over time. While most of these spiders appear to be more threatening than they really are, there are a few that can do some harm. Rest Easy Pest Control will prevent these spiders from entering into your home.

Identifying Spider Species in New York

Rest Easy Pest Control is familiar with all spider species that crawl around New York. We are skilled and experienced in dealing with all species of spiders that occupy our state. Many homeowners make the mistake of calling spiders insects, but they are actually arachnids, belonging to the same class as ticks, scorpions and mites. All spiders have eight legs, where as insects only have six. The spiders that we most commonly encounter in New York are the jumping spider, wolf spider, yellow sac spider, American house spider, orb web spider, cellar spider, the brown recluse and the southern black widow. Rest Easy Pest Control will remove spiders from your home and make sure that they do not return.

Yellow Sac Spider VS Brown Recluse & Southern Black Widow

The yellow sac spider is named for its pale yellow color that covers its entire body accompanied by a large set of fangs. The yellow sac spider weaves small sacs to protect themselves and their young. Unlike most spiders, the yellow sac spider is unable to spin a web. Instead these spiders are often found on plants inside of homes searching for prey. These were once the only spider in New York considered being venomous to humans, until the arrival of the southern black widow. The yellow sac spider has venom that will cause itchy sores on your skin. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between a sac spider bite from a brown recluse bite. Both spider bites will appear red, with mild swelling and a pain reminiscent of a bee-sting. A brown recluse bite takes longer to heal – two to three months while sac spider bites will heal in a much shorter time from of days or weeks. Rest Easy Pest Control will remove the yellow sac spider from your home and protect you from their venomous bites.

Spider Inspections, Prevention, Control, Treatment & Removal in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn as well as Nassau & Suffolk County, New York

If you notice that spiders are in your home or on your property, contact Rest Easy Pest Control today. If you are not sure whether a spider is venomous or not, do not take the chance of getting close to it, contact Rest Easy Pest Control and our technicians will remove the spiders for you and inspect your home and property for any other signs that you may have a spider problem. Rest Easy Pest Control offers complete spider and pest control and removal.