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mosquito-in-yardMosquitoes in your yard can be a terrible nuisance, buzzing around you every time you go outside and sometimes biting. Itching from the bites can swell and cause painful itching, and mosquitoes can cause even greater problems. They can transmit diseases with their bites. So what can you do to prevent mosquitoes in your yard, and how can you get rid of them if they’re already there?


Prevention: It’s All About the Water Mosquitoes breed in standing water, such as that caused by:

  • Clogs in gutters
  • Water seeping into your basement
  • Unused buckets, pots, old tires, pools, bird baths, etc.
  • Leaks around outdoor faucets that cause water to puddle
  • Low-lying areas of the yard where water puddles
  • Landscaping ditches around flowers beds, vegetable gardens, etc.
  • Boats stored outside.



So to keep mosquitoes from becoming a problem around your home, focus on correcting these areas. Fill in low-lying areas or dig ditches to funnel the water away. Keep your gutters clean. Repair any leaks. Get rid of anything in your yard that collects water, or if it’s something that’s supposed to have water (e.g., bird bath), make sure the water stays fresh. If you have a boat, make sure the tarp isn’t allowing a little water to get in. If you leave standing water in your yard, it’s like inviting mosquitoes to your home for dinner. They’re naturally going to accept your invitation.


Treatment: DIY vs. the Pros


If you already have mosquitoes, you can use bug zappers to try to eliminate them, but this is only a very partial remedy. There are also plenty of products on the market for do-it-yourselfers to try to eliminate the pests completely. The most popular method is the use of foggers, which spray chemicals that kill the mosquitoes. If you try this, be sure to use foggers that kill both mosquito larvae and adults. But many do-it-yourselfers lack the knowledge of mosquito biology and habitats to effectively use foggers or other chemical treatment methods. The treatment may seem to work, but then the mosquitoes return. If mosquitoes are literally eating you up, the surest way to get rid of them is to call a pest control specialist. They have professional-grade chemicals and the expertise to use them properly.



Photo Credit: Mosquito by hofluk