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Comparing the life of a celebrity like Kim Kardashian with ours is never wise. Here we are, slaving away forty hours a week, saving up for something practical, concerned with mundane topics like the mortgage, saving money on car insurance, and our 401k. And there she is—famous, filthy rich, the whole world at her fingertips. It must be nice to never have to worry about making a budget so you can pay your bills. And it must be even nicer to pay someone else to pay your bills for you—such trifling matters not being worth your time.

Often a celebrity’s level of talent doesn’t seem to justify how ridiculously, superlatively better their life is than ours. Still, it does help a bit knowing that a celebrity actually has some genuine skill that we (or at least, some people) appreciate. Most celebrities dedicated thousands of hours to get to where they are. We might have also put in the blood, sweat, and tears, but there’s no sense in crying about it.

But it really grinds our gears when the celebrity in question has no discernable talent at all. Kim Kardashian is a prime example.

Kim has managed to become a fixture in pop culture. She’s constantly on the cover of magazines and the center of celebrity gossip. Kim is described as a “television personality” and “fashion designer.” But she didn’t get those jobs by any sort of on-screen charisma or proficiency in clothing design—she simply fell into them as a result of her previous notoriety.

So why was Kim famous to begin with? If you trace back her history, her only real claim to fame is being the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s defense lawyer. Beyond that, what put her on the map was a leaked sex-tape in 2007, made with then-boyfriend Ray J. That’s it. We might not be able to play ball like Lebron or sing like Rihanna, but we could’ve been someone’s daughter and made a sex tape.

To be fair, Kim is considered to be very attractive, which—more than anything else—is probably the real reason behind her success. But whether or not you consider looks to be a “talent,” she didn’t have to do anything to get hers. And that’s why we hate her.