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pest-control-treatments-10It’s no secret that business owners have a number of responsibilities, especially in today’s economy, just to keep their company afloat. To make matters worse, consumers can be very fickle, which is why it’s necessary to make a good impression. And a great way to destroy that impression is to have pests running around your place of business.



To avoid any problems with pests, follow these ten pest control treatments:


Use year-round commercial services — Protecting your business all year long isn’t so difficult when you employ a pest control company to periodically check your facilities, both inside and out.


Take trash out daily — Nothing attracts pests more than a pile of rotting trash. This is especially important if you’re in the food industry, but it’s always something to consider.


Keep dumpsters away from your building — You don’t want your outside dumpsters to be too close. If they are, insects, rodents, and other pests are more likely to head over to your building.


Seal any holes, cracks, or gaps — Pests, especially insects, enter your business through any openings they can find on the outside of your building. Sealing these up will greatly reduce their numbers.


Install screens over open windows — If you tend to open your windows for any reason, be sure that you’ve installed a screen to stop bugs from flying through them.


Sanitize food surfaces — As everyone knows, food attracts a number of bugs, from cockroaches to flies. If food surfaces such as counters in your break room aren’t sanitized, the residue left over will attract these pests. As a bonus, sanitizing will also keep you safe from bacteria and other harmful elements.


Remove discarded cardboard — Many pests love to find stacks of cardboard and use them as a hiding place. Some pests will even nest inside. To prevent this, move any discarded cardboard out to a recycling bin as soon as possible.


Avoid water outside the building — Although landscaping fixtures like fountains and ponds may look nice, be aware that these will act as water sources to a whole slew of creatures, especially if they’re left unattended for a period of time.


Seal food containers — If you own an establishment that deals with food, your pest control treatments definitely need to include the sealing of all food containers. But no matter what kind of business you own, chances are you have a break room of some kind, and if employees leave food in the fridge or elsewhere without sealing them, pests will find their way inside.


Train your employees — To reduce possible issues, provide training to your employees on how to identify pest problems and the procedures needed to initiate pest control treatments to help reduce their numbers.



Photo Credit: arquera via Flickr