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pest-control-travel-tipsIt cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for you to avoid a bed bug infestation at all costs. While bed beds will typically do very little damage to your home, if any at all, they can be a huge annoyance, one that is extremely difficult to get rid of. Unless you enjoy waking up with bug bites, you need to learn pest control techniques, whether you’re sitting at home or traveling somewhere.



Trains, Planes, and Automobiles


When we use the term “traveling,” we’re being all-inclusive, giving the same weight to a quick jaunt across the city as we would a vacation across the country or abroad. Why? Because no matter what your travels entail, picking up a bed bug or two (or several) can happen without you even realizing it. This is why thinking about pest control is always important.


Suitcases, Hotels, and Bed Bugs


If you’re taking a vacation or going on a business trip, these are two things you simply can’t avoid. Hotels are often a fear when it comes to bed bugs, because even though hotels say they clean the beds and conduct pest control inspections on a regular basis, you have no way of knowing this for sure.


To make sure you’re safe, be sure to handle your own pest control. Check the bed(s) for any sign of the little parasites. Keep your suitcases closed up tight and only open them when you’re either taking something out or putting something in. Thoroughly check your clothes before you leave. If you’re staying with a relative or friend in lieu of a hotel, you should follow this regimen as well.


Buses, Taxis, and Clothing Stores


You might think that a simple shopping trip to your favorite clothing store would be completely safe. In most cases, you’d be absolutely right. But you must also consider that a lot of people are trying on clothes and hanging them back up, not to mention clothing shipments coming into the store. Some stores have even closed for a day or two after bed bugs were discovered. Regardless of the type of store, clothing or not, don’t let this ruin a fun shopping trip. You simply need to be aware of the possibility.


Same goes for your mode of travel. With public transportation (and taxis), there is a constant switching out of people. Cleanliness has nothing to do with it. Bed bugs don’t care who they infest. For pest control while you’re riding around, do a quick look around to check for any signs of bed bugs. The best plan of action, however, is to thoroughly search yourself and any purses and bags in your possession before walking inside your home.


Photo Credit: kthread via Flickr