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pest-control-services-fallSummer is finally over, and now it’s time to prep for the fall.  The leaves are turning colors, the weather is cooling off, kids are back in school, and football season is upon us.  And, of course, it’s time to consider pest control services.



That’s right, homeowners.  Everything about fall can’t be all fun and games.  There’s work to be done, and one responsibility you have is to watch out for the various critters that come with the new season, and employ pest control services, as needed.


To give you a bit of a headstart and make sure you’re prepared, let’s take a look at a few bugs that you might be seeing this fall.


Carpenter Ants


These little guys can be a huge problem if they get inside your home.  While they don’t utilize wood as a food source like our friend the termite, they will devour wood as a conduit to building a nest for their offspring.  An unfortunate side effect to this is the extensive damage that can be done to your home.


Ridding your house of carpenter ants is typically done in the same way as all other types of ants, but if the problem gets too far out of hand, your only choice might be to employ pest control services.


Stink Bugs


Once the summer starts winding down, stink bugs love to come out and play.  While many people will just pass them by on the sidewalk or outside your house, what starts as one or two stink bugs can turn into a full-blown infestation.  And that can really stink.  Literally.  For the most part, stinks bugs aren’t actually dangerous, since they don’t bite or sting.  But they can be a huge nuisance.  The glands contained within each of these little critters ensures that if you squash them or even attempt to get rid of them peacefully, you will be met with a smell that you really don’t want to deal with.  


Bed Bugs


Since the mid-90’s, bed bugs have been coming back, and in a big way.  These insects are year-round, but it’s important to mention them because if you experience an infestation, you’ll find these parasites very hard to get rid of.  In order to go through their several lifecycles, bed bugs must feed on blood, yet they can survive up to a year without eating anything at all.  They hide in the cracks and holes in your walls, and inside mattresses and various types of furniture.  Once you have bed bugs in your home, it can take weeks to remove all of them, and there is a very likely chance that you’ll need to utilize pest control services to eliminate them completely.


Photo Credit: Fall by Kevin Dooley