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Pest Control Products

Rest Easy With Pest Control Products

is bed bug mattress cover effective

Here in New York City, the New York Metro Area and on Long Island there are some things you can do yourself to ensure maximum protection from pests such as bed bugs. Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we offer high quality pest control products that will help you maintain a healthy, comfortable environment for your home or lodging guests

Added peace of mind means you can Rest Easy.

Active Guard Mattress Liners

This is the only product on the market that kills both bed bugs and house dust mites, for up to two years. Active Guard mattress liners also help prevent new infestations. Yet they’re thin and breathable so they’re cool and comfortable. And of course they’re odorless.

Protect-a-Bed Bedding Encasements

These zippered mattress protectors with BugLock and Secure Seal are certified bed bug-proof. They come in a variety of sizes, to secure standard size mattresses, crib mattresses, box springs, pillows and sofas.

Climbup Insect Interceptors

Enhance your professional bed bug detection plan with these simple pest control products that provide an effective “early warning” and monitoring system. Climbups are  plastic cups that fit under each bed or furniture leg. They’re lightly coated with talc on the  inside surface, to catch and trap bugs climbing up from the floor or down from the bed.