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pest-control-nyc-springFor the past few months, you’ve been concentrating on preparing your home for winter guests. By that, we’re not talking about your loved ones who have come in from out of town for the holidays. Rather, we’re talking about pests who try desperately to invade your home.



Thanks to a few tips concerning pest control NYC, your home has been fortified against these winter visitors. However, your work is not finished. Before you know it, winter will transition into spring and you’ll be greeted by a whole slew of new pests wanting to partake of your lovely home. If you want to stop an infestation, it is important that you be diligent in your pest control NYC initiative.


Get rid of your holiday trash


It is amazing how much trash we pile up over the holidays. Between kids opening a plethora of gifts and the incredible amount of food that is made in so many homes, some households become quite enticing for bugs, arachnids, and rodents that are out searching for a new place to call home following the winter months.


Pests are often drawn to the trash and debris that is found around your home. This makes it vital that you clean up your entire house and discard everything that you don’t plan to keep. The wrapping from presents, boxes they came in, leftovers that you swore you would eat but never do … all of these must be discarded.


Make a New Year’s resolution of cleaning your home


We all like a clean home, but it can be a real chore sometimes. What you need to remember is that one of the best ways to create a solid pest control NYC initiative is to keep your house clean on a regular basis. After throwing away any papers, boxes, and unwanted leftovers, make sure you don’t stop there. Create a weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it. You’ll be amazed at how effective this can be in keeping pests out of your house.


It’s time to seal those cracks and gaps again


If you followed our previous advice, you probably checked your home for cracks and gaps that would allow a number of pests to move into your home. For your spring pest control NYC endeavor, it’s time to check again, as new holes might have developed due to all the foot traffic and festivities. Or, even if you didn’t have any excitement, cracks and gaps do develop over time, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. And if you really want to get a jump on this for the spring, it won’t hurt to hire a professional to conduct an energy audit to help locate any problem areas.



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