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pest-control-long-island-buffetPests come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re talking about insects, arachnids, or rodents, each come with their own specific dangers and hazards. In order to help you understand the stakes involved, let’s take a look at a few household pest hazards when it comes to  pest control in Long Island.


Pest Control Long Island Hazard #1: Communicable Disease


With some pests, like bed bugs and stinkbugs, you don’t have to worry about disease. But several other pests, from cockroaches and mosquitos to rats and mice, can often carry a number of diseases that are communicable to humans.


Mosquitoes are possibly the most dangerous of these, as their parasitic ways give them direct access to your bloodstream. That being said, don’t underestimate the dangers of rodents. For example, mice are well known for carrying the Hanta Virus. This can be so hazardous that even clean-up of fecal matter must be carefully done.


Pest Control Long Island Hazard #2: Food Contamination


Although this problem can occur with almost any type of pest, it’s especially relevant with cockroaches and small rodents, such as mice and rats. Cockroaches often live in absolute filth, and they definitely don’t take showers. If these bugs get inside your food, they bring with them all the dirt and grime they’ve been living in.


As for mice and rats, these critters love to chew through anything they can get their teeth on. This includes chewing through boxes and bags of food inside your pantry and kitchen cabinets. Not only do they also live in filth, these small rodents don’t have any bladder control, which means that urine and feces may become mixed with the food.


Pest Control Long Island Hazard #3: House Damage


As many homeowners can attest, termites are the worst offenders when it comes to house damage. A termite colony typically consists of tens of thousands of the little buggers, which requires professional pest control to get rid of them. Although termites actually eat slowly, they can reproduce rather quickly. If not taken care of, they can cause extensive damage to your home, which can cost you quite a bit of money.


The other possible problem when it comes to house damage involves mice and rats. As previously mentioned, these rodents love to chew through anything. In addition to food boxes and bags, and even wood to a lesser degree, mice and rats have been known to chew through electrical wiring. The big problem is that this damage can be done to wires that are out of sight, which makes them hard to find. The worst part is that damage to these wires can become fire hazards if they’re not fixed as soon as possible.