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pest-control-at-home-pantryDuring this time of year, when holiday parties are plentiful, there’s a good chance that unwanted pests have invaded your home. No, we’re not talking about Aunt Mildred and Uncle Frank. The pests we’re referring to are of the creepy-crawly variety, and more often than not, they can be a hassle to get rid of. That’s why pest control at home during the holidays is so important.



More people can mean more bugs


Many homeowners welcome friends and family into their homes during the holidays. While this is a very hospitable action to take, and one that should not be avoided, more people in your home can increase the chances of insects getting inside. Your holiday party will mean more foot traffic throughout your home. With all this movement and commotion going on, it is more likely that the bugs clamoring to get inside might be successful. They could even be brought inside by hitching a ride on one of your relatives or friends.


Your pantry is a literal smorgasbord during the holidays


One fact that sometimes goes unnoticed when it comes to pest control at home during the holidays is the fact that you are more likely to have an increased amount of food inside your pantry due to all the cooking and baking that is typically done for a holiday party. Since there is more food to be found in the pantry, the likelihood of pests increases. For example, ants can become a big concern and will make their way all the way to your kitchen before you even notice they’re inside. Mice are also a big concern, since they will find the food in your pantry and chew through the boxes. This will contaminate the food, which makes it worthless for human consumption.


Pest control at home during the holidays means being vigilant


So, how do you protect your friends and family, and make sure that various pests trying to invade your pantry don’t ruin your party? The key is to be vigilant in securing your home and dealing with any pests that come along before they turn into a much bigger problem. No matter which pest you’re referring to, there are always ways to keep them out. When you have a holiday party, you take special care to prepare your home for the event. Part of this preparation should be pest control at home, which can include setting up a number of insect and rodent traps in your kitchen and other places. This will help keep troublesome pests out of your pantry, and allow your holiday party to go smoothly. And if you do notice pests inside your house, get rid of them quickly and discretely.



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