Next we need to initialize the plugin:

Cortisol levels are surging—you’re running late, and there’s nowhere to park. And then you see it: two people walking toward a blue minivan on the right. It can only mean one thing: a soon-to-be empty spot.

The pair—which looks to be a couple—both enter the van, and soon afterwards the taillights flash on. A tidal wave of relief washes over you. Any second now, their precious spot will be yours. You pull up close behind them, sending a clear message to any would-be competitors that the spot is yours—and to tread lightly. A Toyota Camry approaches the scene hopefully, sees that you’re next in line, and drives away with a sigh.

Any second now. This couple has certainly had enough time to buckle up and get situated. Every passing second makes it more likely that the next second will be the one their car starts moving. This thought brings you comfort. You check your phone: you can still make it on-time if you hurry.

A few more moments pass. Then comes the first surge of agitation. What are these people doing? What’s the snag here? You weren’t expecting them to rush—just to enter their vehicle and proceed at a leisurely pace to their next destination. Is that too much to ask for?

But you remember your training: you close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, centering all your focus on your breathing. A peaceful calm settles over you; you laugh at how a little thing like this has just caused you so much stress. Smiling, you open your eyes…and notice that the minivan hasn’t budged an inch. Your zen-like trance is disrupted by the liter of adrenaline that has just released into your bloodstream.

What could these people POSSIBLY be doing? They obviously see you waiting behind them. You can only surmise that they’re taking this long just to spite you—and getting some perverted pleasure out of it. The thought enrages you even further. You contemplate driving away, but you’ve already waited this long. You contemplate homicide, but you don’t want to go to jail. Finally, at long last, with no explanation, the couple pulls out and drives away without a wave or a nod or even a blink in your direction.

People who take forever to vacate their parking spot when they notice someone waiting behind them are full-blown pests. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about them. But for any pests in your home or business, give us a call so you can rest easy.