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It seems that bedbugs aren’t just a bed problem. Train cars in our very own subway system have been fumigated due to bedbug infestation, according to Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officials. The cars were on the 5 and N lines, and were recently put out of commission so they could be cleaned. There have also been reports of bedbugs on line 7, although MTA officials inspected it and found no evidence.

Bedbugs are obligate parasites—they can’t live without human (or another mammal’s) blood. So if you see a bedbug on a subway car, it almost certainly fell off of another person. It’s also likely that these railcar bedbugs are pregnant females who are trying to hitch a ride with a person into a new home where they can start their own colony.

Bedbugs have been reported in the homes of two or more MTA workers, suggesting that people may be accidentally picking up bedbugs on the subway and bringing them into their houses. And since 5.5 million people ride the subway system every single day, there are ample opportunities for parasites to spread.

Still, there is little reason to panic—this has happened before. In 2010, a booth in a station in Brooklyn had to be fumigated due to bedbugs. Since then, bedbug reports are down 50% in New York City. Furthermore, since bedbugs need people to survive, they don’t actually infest the subway cars—just a tiny percentage of the people who ride them. And as long as MTA workers respond diligently to reports, performing regular investigations and fumigating the cars with bedbugs, we have no need to fear a bedbug apocalypse.

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