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Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we take the upmost pride in exclusively using pesticides that regulators have deemed safe and effective. But not all pest control companies are so scrupulous: a Rutland, Vermont couple recently reached a settlement of $450,000 with an agency who hired an exterminator that used a banned pesticide on their home, rendering it uninhabitable. As a result of the settlement, the couple has agreed to drop their lawsuits against several Vermont state agencies that they believed bore responsibility.

The couple had sought help for a bed bug problem. And the exterminator they hired in April of 2013 apparently left surfaces that were “visibly dripping” with the illegal pesticide, chlorpyrifos. This is an organophosphate pesticide that was developed by Dow Chemical in 1965 (trade names are “Lorsban” and “Dursban”), and has been associated with autoimmune disorders, neurological defects, and developmental disorders. Exposure during pregnancy has been associated with mental retardation. Even though chlorpyrifos was banned for home-use in 2001, it remains one of the most commonly used agricultural pesticides.

After sensing that something was wrong, the couple called inspectors who told them their home had high levels of the banned (and potentially harmful) pesticide. This forced them to flee their house with their foster daughter and 16 year-old son—a son they claim lost 30 pounds from illnesses related to pesticide exposure.

According to the couple’s attorney, “this [the settlement] will allow them to start their life over with a little cushion. It’s been a difficult last few years for them.”

This fiasco underscores the importance of choosing the right pest control company—just because an exterminator has a license doesn’t mean they’re a legitimate professional. Rest Easy Pest Control has an excellent reputation for consistently doing quality work. For any NY pest control problem, we’re the right people for the job. Give us a call so you can rest easy.

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