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Netflix has really been killing it lately. First came House of Cards, a powerhouse drama starring Kevin Spacey that HBO and AMC—arguably the two hottest networks on TV right now—both originally wanted, but were thwarted by Netflix outbidding them.

House of Cards has consistently received rave reviews in both of its seasons, and it garnered an Emmy nom in 2013. It’s ridiculously good, and might be right up there with Breaking Bad (of which Netflix carries every episode) and Game of Thrones as prime examples of the “Golden Age” of TV that we’re lucky enough to be in (an age that started with The Sopranos).

Just having House of Cards would have been enough to vault Netflix from obscurity into the limelight. But now with the wild success of Orange is the New Black, Netflix has established that it’s no one-hit-wonder, and is making a serious case for being one of the top three “networks,” even though it’s not a traditional network (given its Internet-only locale).

And lest you think I’m getting off-topic, the inmates in Orange have trained a cockroach to deliver cigarettes and other contraband between cells. How realistic is this? Although cockroach behavior can be controlled by manipulating environmental factors like light and temperature, and a cockroach is definitely strong enough to support a cigarette, experts are divided on whether a roach could be trained for something like that.

Dr. Terry Page, a Vanderbilt biologist who’s worked with cockroaches, says it’s “rather implausible…you’d lose a lot of cigarettes trying to use that method!” But Dr. Cole Gilbert, a Cornell entomologist, opines that “roaches certainly have the mental ability to learn all the component tasks that would make up this scenario. It would just take a lot of training.”
Whether it’s possible or not, it makes for good TV—something I’m finding on Netflix more and more these days.

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