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Mice are kind of cute if you think about it—but not if they’re scurrying across your bedroom floor. Nevertheless, here are some cool facts about mice:

  • Mice are prolific eaters. They eat up to 20 times per day. That’s…a lot. Mice are constantly on the lookout for food, which is why they have been pestering humans for thousands of years—we’re good at stockpiling lots of edibles.
  • Mice are incredibly flexible. They can squeeze through spaces you wouldn’t think it were physically possible for them to fit through—they’ve been known to contort their bodies to writhe through holes the size of a dime! That’s why it’s so important to seal any holes (caulk works well) you find in your home.
  • Mice sing to each other. During courtship, a male mouse will serenade a female with high-pitched love songs. (Humans can’t hear them because the frequency is too high, but researchers have confirmed this to be true.)
  • Mice value cleanliness. Although we tend to think of them as filthy vermin, mice take time to clean one another and organize their living areas into different sections—like one for sleeping, one for defecating, one for eating, etc.
  • Mice can jump. They’re more athletic than we may think—mice have been known to leap up to a foot in the air. Given their size, that’s way higher than any human can jump. Mice can also climb and swim reasonably well. So be sure to keep the food safely locked away!
  • Mouse whiskers are exquisitely sensitive. A mouse’s whiskers can detect subtle changes in temperature and detailed information about the land that the mouse is walking on.


Interesting though they may be, if you have Nassau mice (or any other Nassau pest), give us a call. Our team of trusted professionals will quickly deal with it so you can rest easy.