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mosquito-q-a-yard-sprayOf all the household bugs that we must contend with, mosquitoes are among the nastiest. These little bloodsuckers love the warmer temperatures and once summer arrives, every person out in the open is a big, yummy target.


Mosquitoes process the proteins of their hosts’ blood in such a way that they often become carriers of whatever diseases their hapless victims happen to have in their blood. Malaria, yellow fever, West Nile Virus … all of these and several others have been spread by these nefarious insects.



Although mosquitoes are not trying harm us when they bite — they’re simply trying to survive — it is important to protect your family from these creatures. One way that many homeowners have begun to deal with these critters is by the use of a yard mosquito spray designed to eliminate them.


How does a yard mosquito spray work?


Most spraying units that are meant to kill mosquitos are based on a misting system. You’ve probably seen misting systems set up on the outside of restaurants when it’s warm outside. These contain water, with the intent of keeping patrons cool while they eat. A yard mosquito spray works in much the same way, except that the mist is made up of insecticide rather than water.


How often does a yard mosquito spray need to run?


These systems are meant to work like a sprinkler system. You can set the times at which the system switches on and off, which means that you control the duration of the mist. If your mosquito problem is small, you may only need to spray for a few minutes a few times each week. For larger problems, a longer duration or higher frequency may be required. If in doubt, it is advisable that you consult a professional pest control company.


Is a yard mosquito spray dangerous to your household?


Obviously, these misting systems are designed to be as safe as possible. However, it is important to remember that poisons are being sprayed by these systems. If you have children or animals running around, exposure to these poisons is not safe. To lessen possible exposure, be sure to utilize the system when none of your household members — including the furry ones — will be near the area being treated.


Is a yard mosquito spray actually effective?


The simple answer is yes. To be effective, however, you need to know your enemy. In large populations, you’ll kill mosquitoes today, but more offspring are born tomorrow. This is why it is essential that you experiment with spraying times and durations in order to maximize the effect that these poisons have on your mosquito population. As previously stated, a pest control company can help coordinate this attack.



Photo Credit:  Clearly Ambiguous via Flickr