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mosquito-danger-skin-bugInsects sure do seem to have it out for us sometimes. They contaminate our food, kill our indoor plants, and some even attempt to eat our homes. But few of these creatures are nearly as dangerous as the lowly mosquito.


What kind of damage can a mosquito cause? After all, they just buzz around and try to bite you, right? The bite doesn’t even hurt too much … it’s nothing compared to bees or even large red ants. So what’s the big deal?


The big deal is disease. These parasites can transmit disease from one carrier to another, which is why mosquito pest control is so important.


How diseases are spread


In order to understand the dangers, it’s important to know how mosquitos are able to spread disease. When a mosquito feeds, it first uses its saliva to prevent blood from clotting. Then it draws a small amount of a person’s blood into its system. If the person is infected with a disease, such as malaria, the cells replicate inside the insect and will later be transmitted to its saliva. The next time it feeds, the saliva that stops the clotting of blood on the next victim can transmit the disease.


The danger to humans


Mosquitoes have been responsible for a huge number of disease transmissions. West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever are two of the most prevalent, but the one that most people identify with mosquitoes is malaria. Although this disease has been effectively controlled due to mosquito pest control and disease control in the United States, an estimated 40% of the world is susceptible to malaria. Sadly, this disease still affects an estimated 300-500 million people annually, and approximately one million of those die each year.


The danger to animals


People aren’t the only ones in danger form mosquito bites. Instances of dog heartworm have been reported in all 50 states, and even though dogs are the most affected, transmission can also occur in cats, foxes, and raccoons, among others. This is just another reason why mosquito pest control is essential.


Mosquito pest control


Controlling these pests can sometimes be tricky, but with a little work, it can be done. A popular method to use at home is to install a netting system that effectively keeps them away from the outside of your house. This will drastically lower the chances of these parasites getting in. Another great method is to set up an outdoor misting system that sprays poison in likely areas at set times during the day or night. If you’re not at home, these methods won’t help, of course. So if you go outside to an area where mosquitoes might be, pick up a mosquito repellant spray.



Photo Credit: Dano via Flickr