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ThreeIf you’re ever been to a barbecue, you’ve probably come across one of the world’s most reviled creatures. We’re talking, of course, about mosquitoes. These flying parasites do absolutely nothing for humanity, unless you count causing disease and death to be somehow beneficial.


Because mosquitoes are dangerous due to their ability to spread diseases like malaria and West Nile virus, mosquito pest control is taken very seriously. To give you an example of how harmful these insects can be, consider the fact that approximately a million people in other countries die from malaria spread by mosquitoes each year.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the fact is, mosquitoes are also very annoying creatures. Even without the fear of disease contraction, no one wants these creatures around. To illustrate, here are 3 annoying mosquito characteristics:


Annoying Mosquito Characteristic #1: The bite of a mosquito itches.


When a mosquito lands on you, the first thing it does is inject some of its saliva into your skin. This saliva stops your blood from thickening, so that it can be extracted from your body. Unfortunately, this causes an allergic reaction to the person’s skin. The result is an itching sensation that can be quite intense, in addition to an area of redness on the skin. These sensations take a while to dissipate, but the good news is that they will eventually go away.


Annoying Mosquito Characteristic #2: Buzzing in your ear can be obnoxious.


Mosquito pest control is always a good idea, if only to keep these small creatures from buzzing around in your ear. Although they are small insects, when they get close to you, you’ll definitely hear them. For whatever reason, these parasites will buzz around your head as they try to find a good place to land, and the sound is quite annoying.


Annoying Mosquito Characteristic #3: Forcing you to go inside.


If you’re dealing with only a few mosquitoes, having fun outside at a barbecue or other event probably won’t be affected. Unfortunately, these insects can show up in droves. Often dozens, if not hundreds in certain situations. If you don’t have protection against them, your only recourse might be to take the fun inside.


Protecting yourself from the annoyance


To protect your loved ones from both disease carried by mosquitoes and their overall annoyance, mosquito pest control is a must. If you’re having a party outside, netting will keep the little buggers away and even improve the look of your home in the process. A poison misting system is another possibility. These systems can be quite effective, but if you have children or pets, exercise caution. If you need immediate relief, pick up some mosquito repellent to keep them away.



Photo Credit: Hub☺  via Flickr