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mosquito-elimination-attract-5Summer is here and that can only mean one thing … mosquitoes are back. These nasty little parasites can ruin a backyard barbecue, but even worse, they can carry life-threatening diseases.


One factor in controlling these pests is to understand what attracts them, something we like to call a Mosquito Magnet. Believe it or not, but certain members of the population are more likely to attract mosquitoes than others. The trick is learning what these specific elements might be so that you can take steps to reduce your chances of getting bitten.


Here are five things that are believed to attract mosquitoes:


Mosquito Magnet #1: cholesterol


Thats’ right, boys and girls. Not only is it important to lower your cholesterol for your overall health, it’s possible that mosquitoes might be more attracted to you because of it. Unfortunately, lowering your cholesterol might not do any good, because the belief is that it’s how a person processes it, which comes down to genetics.


Mosquito Magnet #2: steroids


This has nothing to do with targeting athletes who are using a controlled substance, nor is in entangled with medical applications of the drug. This is basically the same as cholesterol. Most likely, it all comes down to genetics and how your body processes steroids.


Mosquito Magnet #3: carbon dioxide


This is an important one to remember, and it explains why certain people are targeted. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide as far away as 50 meters. This means that they could be on your trail before they’re even close. Since adults exhale more carbon monoxide, they are more susceptible to the critters than children. Pregnant women are especially susceptible, because their bodies release an even greater amount of carbon dioxide when they exhale.


Mosquito Magnet #4: type O blood


This is one that you definitely don’t have any control over. After all, you can’t change your blood type. So how do you use this information to help avoid mosquito bites? If you have type O blood, the key is to simply be aware of the possibility. That way, you can take a little extra precaution to protect yourself, as needed. If you have a different blood type, this is something you don’t have to worry about.


Mosquito Magnet #5: beer


Who would’ve thought that mosquitoes wanted to hang out and have a drink? It has been shown that when beer is present, mosquito attraction increases by around 15%. Do mosquitoes have a desire to crack open a beer with their buddies? Unfortunately, no. Although researchers don’t know exactly what accounts for this increase attraction, the guess is that the ingestion of beer alters the smell of a person’s skin that mosquitoes are able to detect.



Photo Credit:  allaboutgeorge via Flickr