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Hand pick up 'P' alphabet from help wordingHaving mice in the home is a rather unpleasant feeling. For many homeowners, it simply makes you feel dirty, as if you’re not taking care of your house well enough. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mice will invade any house, no matter what condition it’s in. This is what makes them formidable opponents.



Many homeowners turn to traps as a way to stop a mice infestation from occurring. While this can very often be a sound plan of attack, the trick is that if you do have mice in the home, you need to realize that some may be smart enough to avoid the traps that you set up.


The problem with mice in your home


If left unchecked, mice can be one of the most troublesome pests to ever invade your New York City home. They’re definitely not a joke, especially since they can often carry harmful diseases. Plus, they’ll chew through anything, including any bags or boxes of food they find, and even electrical wires. If they chew through your cupboards, and then into your food, it will immediately cause contamination. Any food that has been touched by a mouse must be thrown away. As for electrical wiring, if a mouse chews through these, a fire hazard will develop. This is why mice in your home should be handled in a timely manner.


The problem with setting up traps


Spring-loaded traps have been around for decades.  They are often considered to be the tried-and-true method of taking care of any rodent problem, especially when it comes to mice. After all, they’re easy to use, and you don’t have to put a lot of work into keeping them operational. All you need is a little piece of bait, such as cheese or peanut butter, and a small amount of patience. Some homeowners are annoyed that they need to switch out the bait from time to time, even if they’re not seeing any results. The bigger problem, however, is that some mice will catch on to what you’re trying to do, and try to avoid the traps altogether.


Other possible solutions for mice in the home


If mice in the home seem to be outsmarting your traps, there are definitely a variety of useful techniques that you can try. In addition to traps that instantly kill these rodents, there are products that allow you to capture them instead. This a much more humane solution than slamming a piece of metal onto a mouse’s head in order to kill one of these critters. Keep in mind, however, that disposal of these rodents would be up to you. This alone can sometimes deter a homeowner from using this method.