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The cockroach is the only insect whose name doubles as an effective insult. You wouldn’t call someone you didn’t like a “spider” or an “ant,” but referring to them as a “cockroach” can be rather satisfying. The main character in the 1983 classic, Scarface, felt the same way—before shouting his iconic “Say hello to my little friend!” line, Tony Montana refers to the assailants coming to murder him as “little cockroaches.”

It’s not hard to see why cockroaches are held in such low regard: they come out at night to eat trash and other filth, they make a hissing noise, and their flat, slimy bodies aren’t easy on the eyes. When you combine these features with their legendary hardiness—due to their high resistance to radiation, cockroaches are popularly imagined to “inherit the Earth” after a nuclear holocaust—cockroaches have a long history of being highly unwelcome and annoyingly persistent house guests. It’s probably no coincidence that cockroaches are very closely related to another dreaded pest: the termite.

It can be hard to tell if you have cockroaches, because they are notorious for hiding from the light. But if you do (or think you may), here’s how to make an ingenious roach-trap: get a deep, smooth-walled jar, fill it with an inch or two of beer, and place it directly against a wall (or with sticks laying against the jar, leading from the ground to the opening at the top). The roaches will be attracted to the smell of the beer, they’ll climb into the jar, and fall inside. They won’t be able to climb out (due to the smooth sides), and will quickly drown in the beer.

Other good practices for preventing cockroaches are to seal food and water in closed containers, to use garbage cans with tight lids, to vacuum regularly, and to seal off possible entry points with caulk or putty.

Of course, the best way to deal with your cockroach problem is to let it be our problem. Give us a call so you can rest easy.


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