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It’s starting to be another hot Brooklyn summer. Tempers flare in the heat, and for those of us packed together tight in Brooklyn neighborhoods, little problems can quickly become big ones. But lest you think you have bad neighbors, we recently found a strange story of a Chinese woman who breeds cockroaches in her home, and claims that she cohabits with approximately 100,000 of them at any given time.

Yuan Meixa, 37, grows cockroaches in her country home in the Fujian province of southeast China. She has sealed and cemented every crevice and replaced all her doors with silk nets to prevent any roaches from escaping. She calls the roaches her “children” (shudder). Each day at around dinnertime, she feeds them melons and apples. (Side note: Don’t leave fruit sitting out this summer!)

What would drive a human being to do this? The money, it turns out. After the roaches are grown, Ms. Yuan drowns them and dries out their bodies. Then she sells them to Chinese pharmaceutical companies for $45 to $65 dollars a pound, where they are processed to make ingredients for traditional Chinese medicines. “I harvest every two months and dry 10kg to 20 kg every time,” she says. That’s about one or two thousand dollars per harvest, which we’re told go quite a long way in China.

But don’t let her give you any ideas! If you have a roach problem, call the pros at Rest Easy Pest Control. Your problem becomes our problem, we deal with it, and you rest easy.

In Brooklyn, cockroaches can be a problem this summer. They like hot, warm, enclosed environments. And unless you’re spending hundreds a month on AC, that means every home in Brooklyn is an ideal cockroach habitat these days. Because roaches are far more active at night, it can be tough to tell if you have an infestation. Call us today for an inspection.

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