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Barbecuing is as American as apple pie. There’s no better way to entertain your friends than to grill some meat in the backyard, throw some music on, and have a beer. If you didn’t get all the BBQ-ing out of your system this summer, you may want to plan one fast—the cold weather is right around the corner.

Besides the people that drone on about themselves and their kids for unpleasant stretches of time, flies are the worst guests you could possibly have at your barbecue. But flies love a good barbecue even more than people do, so here are some tips for keeping them away:

  • Only open the grill lid to check on the food.
  •  Flies love food (duh), so keep all the food covered and sealed until it’s ready to be used.
  •  Keep trashcans sealed, and away from the food. Flies love rotting garbage, and can smell it from a mile away. The last thing you need is flies who came for the trash and stayed for the BBQ.
  •  Don’t have exterior lighting near the seating areas. Everyone knows how insects like to swarm around lights at night, so keep the lighting away from where people are sitting.
  •  Clean up animal droppings from your yard. We hope you did this for your guests’ sake anyway, but animal dung will attract flies like nothing else.
  •  Cover birdbaths and pools. Flies love water. Also, don’t water your lawn the day of the barbecue—the moist grass will make flies more likely to show up.
  •  Keep a fan blowing into the grill. It may sound counter-intuitive (because it will cause the smell to travel), but flies don’t like flying into a gust of air, so this will help keep them away from the grill.

Enjoy your barbecue! But if Nassau flies are a persistent problem around your home, give us a call so you can rest easy.