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mice-infestation-mole-miceIt can be difficult to figure out what kind of critter you’re having a problem with. Unless you can physically catch sight of them, you might believe that a sign for one pest is actually indicative of another.


Moles and mice sometimes cause this type of confusion. Although there is a size differential, the fact that they are both small critters that stay out of sight to avoid detection confuse some homeowners. So what do you look for? To clue you in on what type of pest is invading your home, let’s take a look at 3 mice infestation signs:


Sign #1: You find unexplained holes in your food containers.


As you may already know, mice love to chew. Their sizable incisors can enable them to chew through a huge variety of materials. Very often, the first mice infestation signs occur when you notice holes in your food containers. Once they get into your cupboards or pantry (often by chewing through the wood), mice will eat their way through cardboard boxes and bags of food in order to eat. The worst part about this is that this will contaminate your food. Of course, chewing through food containers isn’t the only fear. Mice have been known to gnaw through electrical wiring as well, which can cause a fire hazard in your home.


Sign #2: You hear scratching noises in your walls.


Mice are not the quietest of creatures. Very often, they take up residence — or at least partial residence — in your home’s walls. They sleep there, defecate there, and basically treat your walls as a safe haven, foraging for food during the day and returning to the walls at night. If you listen closely, it isn’t difficult to hear scratching sounds in various areas of your house as the mice move from one location to the next. Mice are nocturnal animals, so if you’re trying to listen to them, it’s best to do so at night.


Sign #3: You discover small droppings in various places.


These annoying pests have no self control when it comes to urination and defecation. When they have to go, they go. Doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re doing. This is a big reason why these little rodents often contaminate food. Mice infestation signs can run the gamut, but finding a pile of droppings is, arguably, the most disgusting part. But the danger is not simply about being grossed out. Mice droppings can spread diseases, such as the Hanta virus. If you find a large collection of droppings, don’t simply sweep them up. Instead, make sure that you have proper ventilation, and wear a mask  that will protect you from inadvertently breathing in harmful materials.



Photo Credit:  tonynetone via Flickr