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pest-control-long-island-tipsIf there’s one subject Long Island residents should pay attention to, it’s pest control. While they do share some similarities with New York City residents, they also have their own pests that are more specific to the area. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of these and give you an idea of how to avoid them.



Pest Control: Long Island mosquitos


There was a time, not too long ago, when mosquitos were greatly feared over the possible transmission of infectious diseases. While this is still something to be concerned about, people are typically more concerned with their annoyance. When they’re in season, mosquitos are a constant bother that never seem to go away.


Mosquitos aren’t usually too difficult to handle. If you’re looking for personal protection, there are over-the-counter sprays that can be effective. For outside your home, you can invest in an insecticide misting system if the problem is severe. A popular method is the use of a mosquito net, which not only stops the critters, but adds a stylish look.


Pest Control: Long Island cicadas


If you’ve lived in Long Island for any length of time, you’ve realized that you can’t escape the constant humming of cicadas. Even one cicada has a lot to say, and if they’re grouped together, the racket can be absolutely maddening. The good news is that their numbers have dwindled in recent years.


The bad news about cicadas is that they’re almost impossible to get rid of. They live close to two decades, develop underground, and don’t come out until nature tells them to do so. Like mosquitoes, netting will help keep them away, but to get rid of them, you’ll likely need to employ the assistance of a pest control professional.


Pest Control: Long Island crickets


Have you ever heard the chirping of a cricket in your home, only to spend an hour looking for it, but to no avail? Well, of course you have. Everyone has come across this at some time or another. Crickets not only threaten your sleep patterns, but they are pretty disgusting, second only to the cockroach in filth as far as many people are concerned.


So how do you avoid these dirty creatures? The key is to keep them out of your home. Crickets are rather small and will crawl through any crack or gap in your home they can find. To keep them out, the best strategy is to block any entryways. Seal whatever holes you can find, Plus, make sure you clean up your trash on a regular basis. If you continue to have a problem, your best bet is to spray, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.



Photo Credit: via flickr