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Insect-Control-Services-cricket-resized-600No matter your current situation — bachelor trying to woo the ladies, a single father or mother doing whatever is necessary to make ends meet, or a spouse with two children and another on the way — we all want the same thing … to protect our home.



As the fall season carries on, some homeowners (renters, too) find it increasingly difficult to defend their home from unwelcome intruders. Of course, we’re referring to the four- and six-legged variety, those bothersome pests that simply won’t go away. Let’s take a look at a two different insects you might see during the fall, and why you may require insect control services to help get rid of them.


Crickets never shut up


It isn’t their fault, really. When crickets rub their wings together to create that high-pitched racket we’ve all heard throughout our lives, they’re not doing anything nefarious. They’re not trying to annoy us; they simply do. Most of us can relate to the idea of hearing a cricket chirp constantly from within our home, and the trouble we’ve taken to locate the offending critter. You make a little noise and the cricket quiets down, but as soon as you walk away, it starts right back up again. It can be downright maddening!


Too few homeowners don’t consider insect control services to get rid of crickets. What they often don’t realize is that the eggs laid by a cricket take nearly a year to hatch, which means that an infestation can break out at almost any time. An infestation can be difficult to locate, which is why it’s best to employ a professional with the experience necessary to find them and remove them from your home.

Bed bugs are back with a vengeance


Didn’t we eradicate these insects a long time ago? The answer is yes, we did. Bed bugs were big back in the 1940s, but they were systematically removed from modern society. Unfortunately, due to increased travel to less developed lands, they are now back in the United States. These bugs are quickly becoming a huge problem for a number of homeowners, who often have a difficult time removing the bugs from their home.


Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood. They do so for sustenance, but even more so, they require blood in order to go through the several stages of their life cycle. These bugs hide in cracks and crevices within your house, including your furniture and walls. Professional insect control services are often the most thorough way to rid your house of these pests, not to mention the fastest. Due to the increase in bed bug infestations, professionals have gotten quite adept at handling the little bloodsuckers.



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