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As fall ramps up and the year’s warm days recede into memory, insects will try to find safe harbor for the winter. If condition’s in your home attract them, cockroaches and silverfish and ants will help themselves to your space before the coldest weather comes. All they’re trying to do is survive, but you shouldn’t let them. Not on your watch!

If you want to keep bugs out of your home, you’re in luck! It isn’t a terribly complicated process. In fact, there’s one thing in particular you can do to prevent most infestations. It’s no trade secret, and it does not require heavy machinery or technical know-how.

You ready? Here goes:

Keep your kitchen clean.

That’s right, friends. It’s really that simple. Stay vigilant on the following tasks and you minimize your chances of having problems with bugs:

– When you cook, clean up immediately afterward. That’s means wiping up crumbs and little pieces of food, wiping down your countertops with disinfectant, and sweeping your floors.

– Keep flour, granola, pasta, and other items like this is in airtight containers.

– Do the same for chips and snacks, or at the very least tightly fold their bags and fasten them shut with a clip.

– Throw out your garbage regularly, and if it becomes smelly.

– Discard spoiled food directly to your curbside receptacles.

– Wipe down the inside of your microwave and fridge.

– Wherever you eat, sweep up crumbs and keep the area clean.

It’s not magic, but it’s also only one step in the process. Bugs are industrious; sometimes, they’ll still beat your best defense. If they do, give us a call Rest Easy Pest Control and it’s our pleasure to come by and take care of them for you.